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3 Twenty something year old beans talk about True Crime, the paranormal, and Urban Legends

Spooky Forest


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         The Show

Tea and Terror is a podcast created by 3 beans in their twenties in their attempt of a comedy podcast that covers all of our favorite types of nightmare fuel. 

This podcast was born of our love for True Crime, the Paranormal, and Urban Legends both old and new, and an excuse to meet up every week to talk about it.

Join us amateur podcasters every week for tea and nightmare fuel! We're glad you're here with us! So grab some tea and settle in for some spooks and laughs.

Meet the Beans

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Lulu Beanie

Co-Producer & Host

Lulu is a 23 year old Latina, born and raised in South Florida Grad School Student. While she isn’t a hardcore tea drinker, she does love a good store-bought cold tea. Lulu has had a deep love for all things spooky, from the paranormal, true crime, Urban Legends, Creepypastas, and horror video games/movies. It’s because of these things that she made it through all those all-nighters working for her bachelors in Linguistics.

When she is not frantically doing Grad School work Lulu is often found playing video games, Dead By Deadlight especially, playing DnD, and binge watching shows until 3am.

mariah shorthair.jpg

Mariah Beanie

Co-Producer & Host

Mariah is a 22 year old mixed kid from Southern California who is currently working on her English degree at community college before transferring to a four year university. Her favorite teas are warm and cozy to remind her of fall/winter (not you peppermint!) Her favorite at the moment is the Tazo Baked Cinnamon Apple. She’s loved spooky things since high school thanks to the scary stories of Corpse Husband and Mr. Nightmare. True Crime has been an interest of hers since childhood.

When she’s not contemplating dropping out or watching true crime YouTube, you can find her gaming, rolling some dice with the others, or trying to navigate her tumultuous love life.

beanie babies bio image.jpg

Sydney Beanie

Co-Producer & Host

Sydney is a 21 year old basic white girl just trying to get a STEM degree. She is an avid tea drinker and has two full shelves of various kinds. Her current favorite? Gingerbread Joy, a seasonal Twinnings blend of which she drank 8 cups a day to cope with her Mechanical Engineering finals last fall. Sydney avoided her love of the spooky for many years because it would make her paranoid but now she embraces it and only occasionally looses sleep.

When she’s not drowning in homework or catching up on the little sleep she gets, you can find Sydney playing dnd, binge reading books or baking pastries that she had no intentions of eating.

How We Met

The three of us are children of the internet. We were all on the same chatroom since 2016, and kept in touch with each other despite all of us living in different states. Naturally we drifted apart, but in 2019 we found each other once again. In 2020, due to COVID-19, we all grew closer and realized we are all weridos and have a STRONG love for True Crime, the Paranormal, and Urban Legends. Anything that would give us nightmares, that was our bread and butter. We exchanged podcasts that we loved to listen to and shows that involved these themes.

Then one day, we were all joking around-
Sydney: Wouldn’t it be funny if we made a podcast
Mariah and Lulu: Yeah!…unless-

Eventually, we got our shit together and began making the moves to get this podcast idea rolling, and the podcast sites all wanted something called an RSS link so here we are.


Find us at